University of Mumbai

Class – F.E. (all Branches of Engineering)       Semester – I

Subject – Applied Physics -I


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Sr. No. Details Hrs
01 Crystallography & X-rays:► Lattice basis, crystal axes, unit cells, lattice parameters & crystal systems,SC, BCC, FCC, diamond, Nacl, Zinc blend and HCP crystal structures, Miller indices. Planes & directions, Liquid crystals & phases, LCD display & its specifications.

► X-rays- origin of x-rays and x-ray spectra, x-ray diffraction & Bragg’s is law and determination of crystal structure.

► Real crystals- crystal imperfections, point defects and dislocations.

02 Physics of Semiconductors:►Classification of solids, Fermi-Dirac statistics, concept of Fermi level & its variation with temperature, impurity and applied voltage.►Intrinsic & extrinsic carrier concentrations, carrier drift, mobility resistivity and Hall effect, carrier diffusion, Einstein’s relations, current density & continuity equations.

► Energy band diagrams of p-n junction, formation of depletion region, derivation for depletion layer width.

03 Super conductivity:► Critical temperature, critical magnetic field, Type I Type II suppr conductors, high Tc super conductors.►Meissner effect, josephson effect.

► SQUIDS, plasma confinement, Maglev.

04 Acoustics:►acoustics of Building, Absorption, Importance of Reverberation Time, Units of Loudness, Decible, Phon.►Conditions for Good Acoustics methods of Designs for Good Acoustics, determination of Absorption coefficient, Noise Opllution. 05
05 Ultrasonics:► Principles of production, piezoelectric & mangetostriction effect.► Piezoelectric & mangetostriction oscillator: ultrasonic materials- quartz &

ferroelectric materials, cavitations effect.

► Applications based on cavitation effect and echo sounding, ultrasonic imaging & medical diagnosis.

06 Electron optics:►Electostatic & Magnetostatic focusing system► Construction & working of CRT, CRO & its applications. 05


Details of Syllabus –

Theory Examination:

1.        Question paper will be comprising of total 7 questions, each of 15 marks.

2.         Only 5 questions need to be solved.

3.         Q, 1 will be compulsory and based on entire syllabus

4.         Remaining questions will be mixed in nature (e.g. suppose Q.2 has part (a) form, module 3 then part (b) will be form any module other then module3)

5.        In question paper weightage of each module will be proportional to number of respective lecture hours as mentioned in the syllabus.

Term Work.

Term work shall consist of minimum five experiments and a written test. The distribution of marks for term work shall be as follows:

•        Loboratory work (Experiments and journal                                  : 10 Marks

•        Test (at least one)                                                                         : 10 Marks

•       Attendance (Theory and Theory)                                                   : 05 Marks

Total                                                                                              : 25 Marks

•                The final certification and acceptance of term-work ensures the satisfactory performance of laboratory work and minimum passing in the term –work.

Suggested Experiments:  Applied Physics1:

1.  PF of SC, BCC. FCC, diamond and HCP (Zn) crystal structures.

2. Crystal lattice planes, Miller indices and interplanar spacing of (100) (110) & (111) set of planes in SC, BCC& FCC.

3.  Hall effect & determination of Hall coefficient.

4.  I-V characteristics of si & GaAs diodes. (IRLED)

5.  CRO-measurement of frequency & amplitude.

6.   CRO-Lissa Jous pattems & measurement of phase difference.

7.  Ultrasonic distance meter.

8.  Measurement of wavelength & velocity of ultrasonic waves.


Recommended Books:



1. Solid State Physics – Charles Kittle, EEE Pbl

2. Physics of Semiconductors- S.M. Sze, wiley Easterm.

3. Engineering physics- Gaur & Gupta, Dhanpat Rai & Co.

4. A Textbook of Engineering Physics- Kshirsagar & Avadhanulu, S chand.

5. Modern Engineering Physics- vasudeva S Chand Pbl

6. Concepts of Modern Physics- Arther Beiser Tata Mcgraw Hill.



all syllabus in single PDF file free download