University of Mumbai

Class – F.E. (All Branches of Engineering)

Semester – II Subject – Communication Skill – II

all syllabus in single PDF file free download 

Periods per week01 period of 60 minutes Lecture







Evaluation System Theory Examination




Oral Examination


Term Work





Details of the Syllabus –

Sr. No. Details Hrs
Module-01 Communication Theory• Concept and meaning of communication, Objectives of communication. Methods of communication, Communication in a business organization (Internal, upward, downward horizontal, grapevine), Problems and solutions. 08
Module-02 Techniques to improve communication• Speaking (Phonetics), Writing, Reading and Listening. Introduction to Modern Communication Media, Netiquette, conferencing-Introduction, Importance, Techniques. 05
Module-03 Summarization and Comprehension.• Techniques to comprehend and summarize a given technical, scientific or industry oriented text, Questions to test analytical skills and expressions. (to test the ability to present the written matter in a brief and concise manner) 03
Module-04 Vocabulary. Grammar & Aptitude test. 03
Module-05 Basic Official Correspondence.• Principles of correspondence, Language and style in official letters. formats of letters (Complete block, Modified Block, semi-Block form), Types of letters (Enquiry, Reply to enquiry, Placing an order, claim and Adjustments). 08
Module-06 Basic Technical Writing.• framing definitions, Writing instructions, Types of expositions (description and explanation). 03


Theory Examination:

1.        Question paper will comprise of total 7 questions, each of 15 marks.

2.        Only 5 questions need to be solved.

3.        Q, 1 will be compulsory and based on entire syllabus

4.        Remaining questions will be mixed in nature (e.g. suppose Q.2 has part (a) form, module 3 then part (b) will be form any module other then module3)

In question paper weightage of each module will be proportional to number of

respective lecture hours as mentioned in the syllabus.



Topics to be assigned for speech practice to test diction. Modulation, fluency and non verbal communication

Practice for group discussion

Writing Assignments.


Term Work.              25 Marks

Each student to appear for at least one test during the term.

Term work shall consist of graded answer paper of the test and at least 06 hand assignments

(I assignment per module).

•        Written test                                                                                   : 10 Marks

•        Assignments                                                                                  : 10 Marks

•        Attendance                                                                                    : 05 Marks


Oral Communication

(Only Internal Assessment for oral examination): 25 Marks.


10 marks for public speaking

15 marks for group Discussion.


Recommended Books:



1. Business communication, Lesikar and Petit: Mc Graw-Hill Publications. 1995

2. Communication Skills Handbood, summers, Wiley India.

3. Business Communication,  (Revised Edition), Rai And Rai, Himalaya Publishing House

4. Business correspondence and report writing, R.C. Sharma and Krishna Mohan, tata

McGraw-Hill, 2002 3rd edition.

5. English for Engineers and Technologists: A skills approach (Books 1 & 2) course authors

(Humanities& social Sciences division, Anna University Madras) Orient Longman.

6.  Modern Business Correspondence, Mc-commas and Satterwhite; Sixth Edition. McGraw- Hill publications.

7. Technical Writing and Professional communications, Huckins, Thomas, McGraw-Hill

8.  Contemporary Business communication, Scott Ober, Wiley India.

9. Written Communication, Sarah , Orient Longman.


all syllabus in single PDF file free download