University of Mumbai

Class: S.E. Branch:Instrumentation Semester: IV
Subject: Application Software Practices-I
Periods per Week(60 min.each)


Practical 02
Hours Marks
Evaluation System


Practical and Oral 25


Term Work 50






1 Study of Visual Basic/VB6.0 as a tool for developing real timeHMI    (Human    Machine     Interface)    for    instrumentation applications.

1)  Configuring and using Hyper Terminal.

2)  Developing a Login form with password.

3)  Developing  a  Dynamic  Linked  Library  (DLL)  for parallel port access using VC++ 6.0.

4)  Using parallel port DLL for On-Off system.

5)  Using MSCOMM.OCX for Serial communication.

6)  Developing a real-time database using serial port and parallel port programs.

7)  Developing different types of graphs for trend display, historical display.

8)  Developing an ActiveX component for a)   Tank System.

b)  Control Valve c)   Pipe

d)  Any other system/component



Practical/Oral Examination:

Practical will be based on one experiment performed from the list of experiments given in

the syllabus and the oral will be based on entire subject.

Term work:

Term work consists of minimum eight experiments and a written test. The distribution of

the term work shall be as follows,

Laboratory work (Experiments and Journal)                          :10 marks Test (at least one)                                                                                                :10 marks Attendance (Practical and Theory)                                                            :05 marks

The final certification and acceptance of term-work ensures the satisfactory performance of laboratory work and minimum passing in the term-work.



Books Recommended:

1. Soma Dasgupta, “Visual Basic Projects”, BPB Publications.

2. Christopher, “Visual Basic”.