Time : 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                                         Theory : 100 Marks

Term Work : 25 Marks



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1.   Introduction to Communication Systems :

Elements of a communication system, noise in communication systems, introduction to radio wave propagation.


2.   Amplitude Modulation :

Introduction,   time  and   frequency   domain   analysis,   power   relations,   basic   requirements   and description  of  various  modulators,  comparison  of  DSB,  SSB,  VSB,  spectrum  modulator  and detectors.


3.   Angle Modulation :

Introduction,  frequency  modulation,  phase  modulation,  spectrum  of  FM,  effect  of  noise  in  FM, generation of FM, detection of FM.


4.   Transmitters and Receivers :

Introduction, transmitters − requirements, topologies, AM and FM transmitters, receiver − topologies, characteristics,  variations,   measurements,  transreceivers,  characteristics  and   block  diagram  of broadcast radio transmitters.


5.   Pulse and Digital Modulation :

Pulse  modulation  methods,  pulse  amplitude  (PAM),  pulse  position  (PPM),  pulse  duration/width



Modulation methods for digital signals over analogue :

Amplitude shift keying (ASK), frequency shift keying (FSK), phase shift keying (PSK), Quaternary

Phase Shift Keying (QPSK), Quaternary Amplitude Modulation (QAM).


Digital modulation methods : Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) ; Delta modulation; Adaptive Delta modulation.


Multiplexing techniques : Space division; frequency division; time division; wavelength division.


6.   Telemetry :

Methods of data transmission, general telemetry system, types of telemetering systems − land time telemetering,  RF  telemetering,  voltage  telemetering  system,  current  telemetering  system,  force balance  telemetering,  impulse  and  position  telemetering  system,  land  line  telemetry  feedback systems, FM telemetry systems, PAM telemetry, PCM.


all syllabus in single     Download  PDF file free  .