Time : 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                                            Theory : 100 Marks Term Work : 25 Marks


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Practical & Oral : 25 Marks

1.   Brief review :

Discrete  time signals  and systems, difference equations, Fourier  series and Transform, Z-Transform, theorems, properties etc.


2.   Introduction to digital signal processing :

Block diagram of DSP, Advantages and Sampling Theorem, Classification of Digital Filter (IIR and FIR).


3.   Analysis of Digital Filter :

Classification  of filter on the their pole zero diagram. Frequency response of IIR filters frequency response analysis of all types of linear phase system. Difference between IIR and FIR Filters.


4.   Realization of systems :

Realization of IIR systems by Direct form-I, Direct form-II, Cascade and Parallel. Realization of FIR

systems by Direct form, cascade and linear phase system.


5.   Digital Filter Design Techniques :

Properties  of  IIR  filter  Discritization  Methods  like  IIT  and  BLT.  Design  of  Butterworth  and

Chebyshev-I IIR filter.


6.   FIR filter Design :

Design  of  FIR  filter  by  using  Different  Windowing  Technique.  By  using  Frequency  Sampling. Realization of system by using Frequency Sampling Technique.


7.   Discrete Fourier Transform :

Introduction  to  DTFT,  Fourier  representation  of  finite  duration  sequences,  the  Discrete  Fourier

Transform, properties of the DFT, Linear convolution using the DFT and IDFT.


8.   Computation of the Discrete Fourier Transform :

Decimation  in  frequency (DIF) algorithms,  Decimation  in  time  (DIT) algorithms  for Radix  2, 3 composite. Overlap add and save Methods.


9.   Introduction to Digital Hardware and Applications :

Digital  signal  processor  series  Texas  320,  Motorola  56000.  Applications  to  speech,  Radar,  CT

scanner and Digital touch tone receiver.


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All syllabus in single     Download  PDF  .