Time : 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                                            Theory : 100 Marks Term Work : 25 Marks Practical & Oral : 25 Marks



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1.   Embedded systems :

Definition, embedded system overview, classifications, Design challenges, processor technology, IC

technology and Design Technology and trade offs. Examples of embedded system.


2.   MCS-51 microcontroller :

Architecture of MCS 51 family of microcontroller, and its variants and comparison. Comparison of microprocessor and microcontroller. CPU timing and machine cycle. Memory organization, SFRS. Integrated  peripherals  such as Timers/Counters,  Serial  port, parallel I/0  ports, Interrupt Structure, memory interfacing. Power saving and power down mode.


3.   Development tools :

Simulator,      in-circuit    debugger,        in-circuit      emulator,      programmers,      integrated     development environment (IDE), cross compilers, Merits and demerits of above tools.


4.   8051 programming :

Assembly  language programming  process. Programming  tools.  Instruction  set,  addressing modes. Assembly language Programming practice using assembly and C compiler.


5.   Serial communication protocols :

Operation of serial port. Programming for implementation of asynchronous serial communication. Buses like I2C (RTC/EEPROM Memory Example), SPI (ADC, DAC example), introduction to USB and CAN Bus.


6.   Case studies :

Interfacing keyboard displays, ADC, DAC, relay, optoisolator, LEDs with following examples with assembly and C programming.  Process parameter measurement example. (DAQ)

Digital Weighing machine.

Implementing digital PID Controller for temperature control application. Speed control of DC motor.  Frequency counter.  Stepper motor control.


7.   RISC  Microcontroller :

Difference between RISC and CISC Architecture. Study of RISC controller (PIC16F87x)

Architecture. Memory organization. Interrupts. Inbuilt controller features (ADC, PWM, timer, etc). Assembly instruction set and Introduction to assembly and C programming.


8.   Real Time Operating System (RTOS)  :

Introduction to RTOS concept. RTOS Scheduling models interrupt latency and response times of the tasks as performance metrics. Example of any tiny RTOS.







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All syllabus in single     Download  PDF  .