Time : 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                                            Theory : 100 Marks Term Work : 25 Marks


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Oral : 25 Marks

1.   Process dynamics :

Dynamic elements in a control loop, Dead time processes and smith predictor compensator. Inverse response  behavior  of  processes  and  compensator.  Dynamic  behavior  of  first  and  second  order systems. Interacting and non-interacting systems.


2.   Process Controllers :

Elements of process control, Controller Principle, Process characteristics, Control system parameters, discontinuous, continuous and composite controller modes/actions (P, I, D, PI, PD and PID).


3.   Analog and Digital controllers :

General  features,  construction   and  working  of  Pneumatic,  Hydraulic,  Electronic   and  Digital controller.


4.   Controller tuning :

Process reaction curve method, Zigler-Nichols method, Cohen-coon correction for quarter amplitude, Frequency response method, Relay based tuning.


5.   Control Schemes :

Feedback, feedforward, cascasde, ratio, split range, selective  control,  adaptive control,  and model based control.


6.   Multivariable Control :

Block  diagram analysis of multivariable systems, Interaction, Tuning of Multivariable, relative gain analysis, Decoupler design.


7.   Discrete-State process control :

Discrete state process control characteristics of the system, variables, process specification and event sequence description, Physical ladder diagram-elements and examples.


8.   Batch and continuous process control :

Batch mode, nomenclature, formulation, Batch versus continuous process control. Types of control, Classifications, Batch recipe management. Design of control system for a complete plant.


Reference :

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All syllabus in single     Download  PDF  .