In Gate 2012 offline exam the answer book are ORS- Optical Response Sheet . That means it is processed by the automated machines i.e. computer. Computer automatically collect your answers and assign the answer codes for each question papers i.e. A, B, C, D or Blank.


Why to check your GATE 2012 ORS answer details?

Quite obviously anyone will ask why to check the response recorded by computer i.e. ORS details? The answer is that the ORS is proceed by automated computer and it records your marks by scanning your answer book. After scanning the scanned image is proceed by software implemented image processing algorithm which select your answer choice. In this automated process a small folding in the ORS sheet or even any black and undesirable mark on paper can fool the automated system and there is possibility of wrong answer count. It is not possible for IIT to check each and every candidate’s paper manually for such errors. Hence they are giving the scanned copy of ORS and their corresponding machine recorded response on the official gate website. If you think you circle an answer and the response recorded by scanner is another then you can request the IIT to check you paper again manually.


How to Check Your GATE 2012 ORS details (Get scanned copy of you GATE 2012 answer sheet)

Click on the following link according to your IIT zone:




Delhi :

Guwahati :


Kharagpur :




Note: If any one of above link unavailable then visit the official GATE website for your zone and click on ORS details.


  • And fill you application number (Registration number)
  • Then click on ORS display.
  • You will find a link for download the ORS in PDF file.
  • Download it and check your circled answers and the response recorded by scanner.
  • If you find any difference then you can request for rechecking


How to request for rechecking for your GATE 2012 paper. ?


First read all the details about rechecking from here:


You have to pay a non returnable fee 1000/- for rechecking request. please visit this page for all rechecking related process details.