Mumbai University announces a new grading system and revised the syllabus for FE- First Year if engineering 4 year full time degree courses.

This change will be applicable from the current year that it 2012-13 . This is the first time ever Mumbai university introduces the crediting system that usually this type of system is used by deem universities.


The major changes in the FE Engineering subjects are as follows.


  • CP 1 and CP2 that is CP—Computer programming 1 – C++

CP 2 – Computer Programming 2- Java is now replaced by one title “structured programming analysis” C language is again included in the syllabus.


  • The subject EVS- Environmental studies is included in the FE that actually was belonging to TE or SE (Third year and second year or engineering)


  • Increase in the importance of internal Tests: The 2 internal test will be conducted and average of thir marks will be converted in terms of 20 marks and then that will be directly added to the main semester exam marks. This is very good chance to increase your overall marks.


  • Inclusion of Credit based system:

Credit based system is introduced and it is compulsory to all institutes which come under University of Mumbai.


Now explanation is enough just download the official revised copy: Click here to download the revised MU FE syllabus from 2012