When look through the internet for the best ranking jobs in the year 2012, you will find software engineering being ranked as No. 1. It has been so for the last two consecutive years.  This year, in Career-cast’s for the best jobs of 2012 list, software engineering was followed by human resource manager, dental hygienist, well established lawyer and a financial planner. This is the top five careers on that list.

However, this article was not about the other careers, it is about why software engineering is the best job ever. I know you may ask what method we use to select the best job or career. Well, the criteria we is by checking four main areas, they are

·         Working conditions

·         Job satisfaction

·         Pay

·         Stress level

If you are a software engineer, then you have the best job in the world. At least some people would agree with this article. The reason being that this job has

·         High pay

·         Low stress

·         Little physical exertion

·         The best working conditions

Furthermore, a software developer job has been leading for several years, however, this year it was knocked out by registered nursing job category. These statistics were according to the US news & world report. The reason for the sudden change to the list is; it is estimated that from 2012 to the year 2020, hiring for registered nurses is expected to rise as 711,900 new registered nursing positions are expected to be created in the US. This value was compared to software developers expected increase. The increase of new positions for software developers is 143,800, during the same period (2012-2020).

However, the same report (US news and world report) states that both registered nursing and software developer have a tie in job satisfaction area. They were both ranked to be medium. In the unemployment rate, for registered nurses, the percentage was lower than that for software developer. The percentage for the registered nurses is 5.5%, and the percentage for software developer is 7.9%. However, when it comes to payment, the software developer job takes the first position when you compare to registered nursing. A software developer earns $87,790, and a registered nurse earns $64,690. Do the math to know the difference.

When you look at all job rankings, you will notice that tech jobs and medical jobs go hand in hand. In other words, in the list, you will see that there is a steep competition and yet again, they are somehow relating to one another. For those who are in the field of technology will tell you that it is sometime stressful to complete a project on time or maybe you are trying to fix a problem that seems that it cannot be fixed. However, they will all agree that the pay and the working conditions are excellent. The best thing about tech jobs is that none of its areas were ranked on the unhappiest jobs for 2012.

If you are saying, software engineering is not the best job because it was knocked out from No. 1 by registered nursing, and then you should know that registered nursing was ranked among the unhappiest jobs this year.

This article is based on statistics that were taken early this year. Hopefully it has helped you to get all the information you required.

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