The plethora of applications available today for android users is indeed a plethora. Since the days of actually digging for information from the old man living in Earth’s Magma, information is apparently everywhere in the waves around, today. Application is an easier mobile extension of the website or the product itself. askme img5

Starting from the very uber-friendly interface, Askme has provided the base for executing many functions, at once. The simple navigational options merge the main functionality of many other applications to ease the load of work. Askme combines the GPS with location, Ad Feeds in the most fastest and futuristic marketplace. Claiming a viral download list of more than lakhs, Askme is set to ride the strong waves with double the vigour. With the convenient life that each one of us lives alongside our gigantic Smartphone and compact worktables, a larger majority of the population is gaga over the multi-tasking application Askme. One of the most utilitarian application that must be on an android phone, Askme does many things in its compact storage data of 2.4MB. With the integrated, search engine and the best customer-friendly interface, Askme is one of the best applications in the market for enhancing the daily chores.

Merits and Pros of Using Askme

There are varieties of reasons that can enhance every user of Askme, to avail different lines of services. As the utilisation is strictly easy and hassle-free, Askme has provided information for zillions of the needy people already, all across the globe.

Some of the major goodies that tread the way of Askme user is,

1)     Best Budge-efficient deals everyday according to preferences and choices

2)   Permission to add reviews, tips, photos and information beside business tabs

3)   Checking up an address, person or phone number

4)   Availing Business Information in the Locality

5)    Additional information about nay a service or business

6)   Calling through the application

7)    Customising one’s own listings and businesses

8)   Read a plethora of reviews, critique comments and suggestions

9)   Availing latest and up-to-date information about specific classified ads and yellow ages

10) Sharing business firms according to preferences and headings

askme app review

The application provides exclusive and enhanced information for every user of the same alongside finding the best deals and easy posting for ads. Selling on Askme is one of the easiest endeavours, as the whole step of selling an item is a simple 2-step format. Askme significantly reduces the necessity of many other apps and frees up lots of more space with its ingenious design. The well-planned approach to merge the online method of shopping with mobile compatibilities sans the web interface is called ‘marketplace’. The application is easily downloadable at the Chrome Webstore on: