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Here you will find old question papers of mumbai university

Question  Papers May 08-  MAY 2011 All Branch click here 


FE Semester 1 (All Branches)


FE Semester 2 (All Branches)



Instrumentation—-> HERE


Electronics and Telecommunication (EXTC)—-> HERE

Information Technology (IT)—-> HERE


Computers—-> HERE


Mechanical—-> HERE


Production—-> HERE


Electronics—-> HERE

Civil—-> HERE

Electrical —-> HERE

Chemical—-> HERE

Bio-Medical—-> HERE

  • Himanshu
    #1 written by Himanshu  4 years ago

    I want bee easy soln of 1st sem..plz send me on my email id- atulpandey17071992@gmail.com

    • Veruca
      #2 written by Veruca  4 years ago

      Could you write about Phsycis so I can pass Science class?

  • Raj
    #3 written by Raj  4 years ago

    I need easy solution’s pdf for entire 3 years of computer engg decipline, mu.

  • ajinkya galgate
    #5 written by ajinkya galgate  4 years ago

    i need all the question papers of IV sem extc of all subject

  • Noel Dukeshier
    #9 written by Noel Dukeshier  4 years ago

    Respect to website author , some good entropy.

  • viraj
    #11 written by viraj  4 years ago

    i want mu question papers of last 3 years of sem 4 of
    chemical engineering.

    • sandy
      #12 written by sandy  4 years ago

      surely very soon keep visiting site. :)

  • aki
    #13 written by aki  4 years ago

    nice job buddy…..thax…keep it up

    • Tushar
      #14 written by Tushar  4 years ago

      Thanx for your reply. Check us afterword .. we are coming with more than this very soon. :)

  • hari
    #15 written by hari  4 years ago

    thanks for providing a good view of old papers

    • Tushar
      #16 written by Tushar  4 years ago

      You are always welcome.. :)

  • vijeta
    #17 written by vijeta  4 years ago

    i need all the question papers of VI sem it of all subject and also easy soln of VI sem

    • Tushar
      #18 written by Tushar  4 years ago

      Which branch?

      We are updating the question papers very soon.

  • Toshef
    #19 written by Toshef  4 years ago

    Need question paper of mechanical engg sem 4….

  • Pragati
    #20 written by Pragati  4 years ago

    I want to sell “Fanatics” of 1st sem Mumbai University engineering.

    • Tushar
      #21 written by Tushar  4 years ago

      We are very soon going to launch a old book selling forum. please see us back.

  • sachin
    #22 written by sachin  4 years ago

    why i can’t download any of engineering books….every time i do so adf.fly web page comes….how to download books from your site????????/

    • Tushar
      #23 written by Tushar  4 years ago

      1)There is no books available on this website.

      2) we have fixed the issue about the adf.ly now try those links. :)

  • ajinkya jadhav
    #24 written by ajinkya jadhav  4 years ago

    i want have books prise 3rd sem (electronics&telecomm)

  • akshay
    #25 written by akshay  4 years ago

    i wnat the question papwe and solution for sem 8 computer branch held in may 2011 of mu

  • harshal singh
    #26 written by harshal singh  4 years ago

    can u please post question paper for mu 8 sem EXTC dec 2011 all subjects…………..

    #27 written by KALPAK DABGAR  4 years ago


  • garima
    #28 written by garima  4 years ago

    BE IT question paper pls….and that to m-ecommerce paper :(

  • Shubhi
    #29 written by Shubhi  4 years ago

    hey.. can u email me the pdf for easy solutions of maths for MU Information Tech sem 4.. in a bit of a hurry.. please..

  • rahul
    #30 written by rahul  4 years ago

    i need power plant question paper sem-3 electrical branch

  • rahul
    #31 written by rahul  4 years ago

    recommended me for sem-4 books for electrical branch

  • Akshay
    #32 written by Akshay  4 years ago

    i need easy solution pdf of analysis of algorithm,sem 4…can anybody mail me??

  • Akshay
    #33 written by Akshay  4 years ago

    plz mail it on akky8888@ymail.com

    #34 written by S.DATTA  4 years ago

    when will civil engg. papers be available??

  • arjun
    #35 written by arjun  4 years ago

    when will may 2012 papers will be updated……..plz do the same

  • Prateek
    #36 written by Prateek  4 years ago

    need question papers of mechanical branch…waiting from last 5 months,,, no response…quite embarrassing!!! :/

    • Tushar
      #37 written by Tushar  4 years ago

      Sorry bro, We are under process.

  • nik
    #38 written by nik 4 years ago

    hello there…pls upload easy solution or question papers of sem 7 IT mu

    #39 written by RAHUL SINGH  4 years ago

    The links for Q papers aren’t working, except for Electrical! :-|

    Please see the matter.

    Thank You.

  • yogesh patel
    #40 written by yogesh patel  4 years ago

    hi guys
    i m yogesh patel from thane
    i m from EXTC branch
    i want sem 3 all subject ebook & e notes if any 1 having then plz send me it on my email address
    yogeshpatel03@rediffmail.com or patelyogesh31992@gmail.com

  • swati
    #41 written by swati  4 years ago

    can i get the solved question paper of gate examination held in 2007 with explanation please……..

  • vikram
    #42 written by vikram  4 years ago

    I would like u to send d easy solution of powerplant engineering of sem7 mechanical branch as early as possible to my email id

  • sem 3....civil notes plzz
    #43 written by sem 3....civil notes plzz  4 years ago

    sem 3….civil notes plzz

  • parimal
    #44 written by parimal  4 years ago

    i want easy solution of te sem-1 for all subjects please send it on my e-mail id

    #45 written by RUTUJA  4 years ago

    i want sem-3 question papers of past 5 years of production engineering of mumbai university.

    #46 written by RUTUJA  4 years ago

    can any1 pls mail it on ma id-

  • apu
    #47 written by apu  4 years ago


  • apu
    #48 written by apu  4 years ago

    please send the soltn now in my email id

  • sharan
    #49 written by sharan  4 years ago

    i want enas december 2010 paper mu with solution plzzz send it to my id

  • amit bhanushali
    #50 written by amit bhanushali  4 years ago

    pls send me 7th sem mech papers

    #51 written by ARBEYAZ 3 years ago

    i needed Question paper for all semester from third onwards for chemical engineering
    please provide it

  • madhavi
    #52 written by madhavi  3 years ago

    can i get electrical sem3 new question papers plz!!!!!!!!!

  • nahush
    #53 written by nahush  3 years ago

    i need question papers for sem-5 (instrumentation) (MU)
    plz mail me………

  • jinalmamnia
    #54 written by jinalmamnia  3 years ago

    i want easy solution for all subjects for sem-7 (computer engg) revised sylabus..plzz send it on my email id

  • Kaustubh mahajan
    #55 written by Kaustubh mahajan  3 years ago

    plzzzz mail me all the previous question papers for sem 7 IT sub-Artificial Intelligence(AI)….kaustubhmahajan1992@gmail.com…

  • uday
    #56 written by uday  3 years ago

    Please update question paper of dcom sem vii old syllabus of extc again. As it is not clear. Please update the new copy again. Thank you again.

  • uday
    #57 written by uday  3 years ago

    I am sorry Dec 2011 dcom sem vii old extc paper is not clear.

  • harsh
    #58 written by harsh  3 years ago

    i want AI question papers plz send me

  • rahul
    #59 written by rahul 3 years ago

    i want easy solutions

  • rahul
    #60 written by rahul 3 years ago

    i want sem 3 electronics easy solution.. mail me its urgent

  • Ashish Kotwal
    #61 written by Ashish Kotwal  3 years ago

    plz send me old Question(2003-to-12) papers of B.E. MECH VII sem @ash.kot63@gmail.com plz the links are not working

  • Harsha
    #62 written by Harsha  3 years ago

    i need solution of edc question papers for extc branch sem 3…where ll i find those???

  • jayakrishnan
    #63 written by jayakrishnan  3 years ago

    i need sem 3 question papers -electrical( after 2009)

  • Vijay
    #64 written by Vijay  3 years ago

    Can i get Q paprs of Automobile engg. sem 5 & sem 6 Mumbai University??

  • pankaj
    #65 written by pankaj 3 years ago

    i want EN question paper 2012 .

  • shubham deshmukh
    #66 written by shubham deshmukh  3 years ago

    will u plz mail me sem 4 chemical b.e easy solution.

  • dipesh
    #67 written by dipesh  3 years ago

    plz mail me it sem 8 questions paper…..plz plz plz

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