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Syllabus: SE SEM III & IV – Electrical ENGINEERING – Mumbai University

UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI COURSE S.E. (Electrical ENGINEERING) Download syllabus SEM 3 and 4 Mumbai University Engineering – Electrical engineering. SEM 3 Applied Mathematics –III Power Plant Engineering Basic Electronics Electrical Read more [...]

Syllabus: SEM -V & VI – ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Mumbai University

UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAl Syllabus Structure (R-2001) T.E.(ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING) Download syllabus SEM 5 and 6 Mumbai University – Electrical engineering. SEM 5 Electrornagnetic Fields and Waves Electrical Machines II Communication Read more [...]

OLD Question Papers: BE SEM VII Electrical- Mumbai University MU engineering Past Question papers BE SEM 5 and 6 Electrical all subjects free download

Download Past question papers- question papers for MU engineering BE SEM 7 in PDF free   The question papers are important to start engineering study. So review at least 2-3 old papers if you have very limited time for study. Best of luck.     These Read more [...]
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